Yoga and the Body

Yoga and the Body

by Michele Determan

By the time I was in the 4th grade I believed I was fat. Was I? No. But somewhere along the way to becoming a fourth grader that seed was planted, and it was never to leave me all through my teens, young adult-hood, and middle age. Always my view of my body was distorted, as if looking at it via a Fun House wiggly mirror. Consequently I was never comfortable in my own skin.

When my daughter suggested we take a yoga class I was intrigued, but decided I was too fat, too old, and too out of shape to take that class. Good thing she persisted, because, long story short, I am a yoga instructor now, just a few years after walking into that first class session.

Not everyone has someone to encourage them to take a class, and not everyone has a person to go to that first class with them. So. If you have been defining yourself as too heavy, too skinny, too old, too out of shape, or ……………. (insert your word) and it has kept you from taking a yoga class, I’m here to tell you those reasons just do not matter.

All you have to do is to take that first and greatest leap of faith and pick up your phone or fire up your computer and contact Natural Pathways. It is my particular delight to help people new to yoga to learn to move their body, and also to help people who have physical limitations to find a way to safely move their body.

So come and join me or any one of the other delightful and accomplished yoga instructors at Natural Pathways Wellness Center and begin your magical journey into the self that is the Heart of Yoga.

Oh. I almost forgot! Am I now comfortable in my body? Why, yes, I am!!! And I did not need to lose weight to get to that marvelous place. Do I attribute the change to yoga? Most definitely!

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