Jeff and Laura’s Square Foot Garden

Laura and I finished planting out our square foot garden today. Such an awesome day of weather to finish it up. The journey has been interesting weather wise because of how cool and rainy it was. Fitting in all of the tasks around our work schedules too added some extra challenge. But, we finally did it.

Tilling. We tilled up a section of our yard about 20 feet by 6 feet. We’re in an old, well established neighborhood now and we found the soil to be awesome and very black. At our old house, which was in a subdivision of Eagle Lake, we had to install raised beds and make our dirt. I guess in new construction these days, all of the topsoil is removed, leaving clay and construction grade fill. I think they brought in enough black dirt to keep the grass alive. But, here in our home in Mankato it turned out to be a nice deep layer of rich, black dirt. We’re hoping things will grow nicely in it.

Jeff and Laura Square Foot Garden

garden 2

Squares. We took the extra time to actually string out the garden in one foot squares. We also did this on paper in preparation to know what to plant where. I’ll post another picture of what we planted as I clean it up on the computer. You know me, if I can use the computer to do something I just might. Click on the pictures to see them in larger size.

Fence. We decided to put a small fence up around to mainly keep the dogs out of the garden. I have also seen rabbits about in the neighborhood and I’d really like to not share with them.

garden 3


As I said, I’ll post an update on what we planted. I can’t wait to watch things grow.

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